About Spells & Spices

Hi! I’m Maisie Rose, the young disabled vegan Wiccan behind this blog.

In case you’re curious what I look like, here I am heading off to walk in a local deer park on a chilly January afternoon. Complete with hand-knitted hat and scarf, of course.

I’ve always loved cooking. And after moving away to university with a big list of dietary requirements, I’ve had to do a lot more cooking than just batches of brownies whenever the craving hits (though brownies do still appear in my kitchen on a regular basis!)

I was referred to a gastroenterologist and then a dietician for my IBS a couple of years ago, and was immediately recommended the low FODMAP diet. An initial analysis of my then-vegetarian diet showed far too much wheat, and bucketloads of hard-to-digest vegetables and pulses. After 8 weeks of no FODMAPs, I started reintroducing, and discovered my main problems are with onions, garlic, beetroot, and with overall build-up.

So, I try to keep all of my recipes as low in FODMAPs as possible, though I do treat myself from time to time. You’ll never see an onion in my recipes – except for the green part of spring onions – and I’ll always try to offer a lower FODMAP alternative if I’ve included something that might cause other people problems.

I’ve been vegan since January 1st 2016, after a decade of being vegetarian, and I’m really enjoying exploring all the recipes and alternatives available to me. But cooking for my omnivorous other half, I can guarantee that this food isn’t just tasty for vegans, but for people with all diets.

I love making magic in my kitchen, and I hope this blog gives you the inspiration to do the same.

Maisie Rose x

P.S. All of my recipes will be available on this blog for everybody to access free of charge. But if you enjoy what I post and want to donate directly to me to help me afford food and bills, here is my Paypal.me and my eternal gratitude x


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