Recipe Review: Dark Chocolate Rosemary Cookies (vegan, gluten free)

On New Year’s Eve, I was busy collecting vegan recipes. I’ve been vegetarian since I was about 6, and had wanted to go vegan for a while – the new year seemed a good time to start, especially when I discovered Veganuary. Not only was the sense of community lovely, but the Veganuary website holds hundreds of Vegan recipes, a list of ‘accidentally’ vegan products, and lots of other useful resources.

So, with a stash of dairy cheese and chocolate to finish off, I picked out a set of recipe cards that would be 100% vegan (I had one box already half-full of various recipes, and was given another box and a recipe folder for Christmas by my brothers!) and started scribbling down recipes in coloured gel pens.

Among them was this recipe – Dark Chocolate Rosemary Cookies by Fettle Vegan.

I’m no stranger to putting savoury herbs and spices in my sweet baking. One of my favourite cookie recipes of all time involves infusing the butter with basil and sprinkling the dough with kosher salt – I’m working on a vegan adaptation, because they’re too good to never eat again! I’m thinking coconut oil and flax seed “eggs”, but I’ll get back to you on that one.

With those amazing basil cookies in mind, I knew I needed a big tin full of these ASAP, and made my first batch on January 3rd.


Ingredients and Alterations

I used Dove Farm’s gluten free plain white flour blend, raw cacao in place of cocoa, and unsweetened almond milk. I also used fresh rather than dried rosemary.

The flax seeds threw me a little at first- it turns out, they’re referred to almost exclusively as linseeds in the UK. I’ll remember that for when I run out, because (at least in Holland & Barrett) milled flax seeds cost more than milled linseeds despite being exactly the same thing. In the meantime, I have a nice big bag of Neal’s Yard milled flax seeds.

The Verdict…

I think that next time, I’ll chop down the rosemary a little more or find a way of infusing the flavour into the coconut oil – I had a bit of a silly moment and put the fresh leaves straight into the mix, as you might be able to notice in the photo.

Other than that, these are basically perfection, with wonderfully balanced flavours. As I said on Instagram, “whoever said gluten free vegan food is boring needs to try these”, and so does everybody else!

Maisie Rose x


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